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Rockhampton Orchid Society Inc

The Rockhampton Orchid Society Inc. is a progressive society with a proud history, which you can see  from the accompanying article which initiates from 1955, some 62 years to date in 2016. In fact, we are delighted to be one of the longest continuous societies in the state of Queensland and Australia, and celebrated our 60th Anniversary in 2014.

Centred in Rockhampton, a city with a population of 86,536 in 2016, it is regarded as the capital of Central Queensland; our members are drawn mainly from this city and the adjacent Capricorn Coast. Geographically located on the Tropic of Capricorn we enjoy a predominately Sub-Tropical climate with hot, humid and sometimes wet summers. Winters are usually mild and sunny, although there can be cold mornings with below 10 degree minimums and rare frosts. It is this wide temperaturerange that allows members to grow a large variety of orchids, from the purely tropical Vanda genusto the occasional appearance of a flowering Cymbidium at our monthly meetings. However, genera that dominate member’s collections include – Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Dendrobium, Oncidium and Catasetum.

This all augurs well for our annual shows, which are held in autumn and spring. A source of great pride for our society is the fact that we are one of the few societies outside the metropolitan areas that still hold two shows each year. Furthermore, the layout of the shows are presented in a ‘display format’ which over the years has brought many admirable comments from our local public, fellow Queenslanders and visitors from interstate and overseas who consider our shows as a must see event.

Our members range from those with over 60 years continuous association with the society, Australian Orchid Council judges, and to people whose time with us can be measured by months. To cater for those new to our wondrous pursuit the society has a New Growers group that specifically supports our novice growers and also acts as an adjunct to our monthly meetings by promoting the social aspect of the society. Our social activities are further enhanced by yearly visits to shows, conferences and field days held by kindred societies within Queensland.

At the time of writing (October 2016) our membership is approximately 100 and we circulate 110-120 Newsletters monthly to members and reciprocating clubs. We are all bound by the common love of collecting, showing and growing specimens from the largest plant family. If you also share this common bond we invite you to enjoy our website and if you are ever in Rockhampton you wouldbe most welcome at our meetings and also welcomed to join our friendly society.                 Click here for meeting info
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